WAZA GK Training Academy

WAZA GK Academy is OPEN to all keepers from any club . . . .

GK’s . . . We enjoyed an excellent first winter period and we are just a week away from completing our second winter session.

Now it is time to knuckle down, get set and dive into Periods 3 at ” The Waza GK Academy ” with Mark Bowyer.  We have scheduled a Tuesday and a Thursday evening of minimum 1.5 hrs. per  session per week, for the remaining 6 weeks of indoor training at Total Soccer Farmington, on Farmington Road just south of Grand River.

All keepers from any club are welcome to join us as we work through a program of:

  • vigorous GK specific warm up – featuring:
    • agility, fast feet, posture, set position and peripheral vision training
  •  ball handling in all circumstances concentrating on the initial catch
  • movement and recovery from the first save  to the second save
  • dealing with all types or high and crossed balls
  • distribution with hands and feet
  • concentration, situation command, self confidence and effective team control
  • situational training to deal with breakaways, shooting and crossing
    Period 1:
    Period 2: – Just 1 week remaining
    Every Tuesday from 7:30 to 9pm, Jan. 10th to Feb. 14th
    And / or
    Every Thursday from 5:30 to 7pm, Jan. 12th to Feb. 16th
    Period 3: – Sign Up NOW or Drop In
    Every Tuesday from 7:30 to 9pm, Feb. 21st to Mar. 28th
    And / or
    Every Thursday from 5:30 to 7pm, Feb. 23rd to Mar. 30th
    Prices for Waza FC players:
    $ zero – per session once per week on Tues. or Thurs. (best fit your schedule)
    $31 – per night “Waza Player” Drop-In price – any session, any night, any period.
    Prices for Non Waza FC players:
    $186 – per period (=$31 per night) Tues. or Thurs. with Pre registration / pre pay
    $35 – per night Drop-In, any night, any period, without pre-registration / pre pay

    Cash or check for $186 addressed to Mark Bowyer, on your first night.


Cash or check each time you choose to Drop-In,

Good Luck in all your winter session 3 training and games . ..



Mark Bowyer

Director of Goalkeeping

248 982-3047