Training Update from Coach Scott

  Scott Seabolt 
Dear Waza Family,

I posted three training videos for our girls on YouTube: 1) 500 touches in ten minutes, 2) passing and receiving, and 3) finishing. You can find a link to the videos under the media tab on TeamSnap. I am pasting the links below as well:

I recommend that the girls get a minimum of 30 mins of training per day until we return to normal training. This should include 500 touches in ten minutes, some combination of passing/receiving and finishing, and juggling. If the girls make this commitment, it will make a huge difference when we start playing together again.

Thanks to Joy and Maddy A. for helping me with these videos. I apologize in advance for the camera work and editing. I am not properly trained at either trade.I hope you all are staying safe and healthy during these unusual times, and I hope to see you soon.