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Welcome to Waza Track Club!
Celebrating our 12th Anniversary!

Here you will find all of the information you need about the track club, its practice times and its meets.

For more information about our track club, please contact one of the following:

  • Head Coach, Doug McDowell - contact by email at: doug.mcdowell@mcdowasc.com
  • General Manager & Team Treasurer, Paula Holbel - contact by phone:  (248) 895- 8767 or email: paulapholbel@live.com or waza.track.club@gmail.com

For our practice and meet schedules, please click on the appropriate team:

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Waza TC was founded in 2006 to provide Waza FC (Football Club) soccer players the opportunity to cross train and compete in track and field.  We started with a few kids that were interested in cross training with soccer and now are a reasonably sized track club.  Many athletes train with Waza TC to improve their speed, strength, endurance, agility and conditioning.  Others train to compete in the AAU and USATF series of track meets.  Our athletes range in age from 7 to 17 years old.  We train regularly with between 30 - 40 athletes.  The Club’s athletes have matured to become competitive at the local, state and national levels.  Our athletes tear it up in their school programs!


Waza TC exists to develop, train, and inspire its athletes to do their best.  We provide a place for athletes to grow, develop and compete where all are welcome and where all benefit from the program.  We create a cross-training environment that benefits multiple types of athletes regardless of their preferred event or sport.  We encourage athletes to balance sports, academics, and leadership so that when their high school careers come to an end, they have multiple opportunities.  We create a track team that sincerely welcomes all, but also performs at an extraordinary level in national competitions.  We share our love of track and field so that our athletes see the beauty of humankind's First Sport.


All kids with an interest in Track and Field are welcome. Waza TC is not restricted to Waza FC soccer participants.  The athletes training and competing with Waza TC are significantly faster, stronger, better conditioned, and more confident than when they started.  We encourage you to check out our program.  If your athlete is interested, you should attend a practice with our Club with your athlete prior to making a decision regarding membership so that we can both ensure there is a fit.


Cost for participation is $300 for indoor track, $300 for outdoor track and $200 for cross country for athletes.  The cost includes a uniform, training equipment, facility fees, club membership, and club insurance.  Meet fees (range between $5 and $45 per meet), shoes/spikes, and travel costs are the athletes to bear.  In recent years, we raised money to offset lodging costs in out-of-state locations.  Transportation is up to individual families.  We hope to have a series of more substantial fundraisers to help future lodging and travel expenses along with offering financial aid for athletes wanting to join but may be struggling financially.

Coaching Staff

Doug McDowell is the Director of Coaching and Head Coach for Waza TC. His background is with running events - both sprints and distance. He ran track and cross country at United States Military Academy West Point.

Coach Toby has 20 years of coaching experience with the throws disciplines (9 years at Edsel Ford HS and 11 years of AAU/USATF youth with the Magsig-Pallett Throwing Club). He threw for Michigan Tech and continues to compete in various open/masters/senior meets. He has been assisting with the Waza throwers since 2017.
Doug McDowell

Doug McDowell

Head Coach

doug.mcdowell@mcdowasc.com linkedin.com/in/doug-mcdowell-10209521

Kari Meyers

Kari Meyers

Assistant Coach


Ron Davis

Ron Davis

Sprint Coach


Toby Pallett

Toby Pallett

Throws Coach

Magsig-Pallett Throwing Club

Paula Holbel

Paula Holbel

General Manager & Treasurer

paulapholbel@live.com or waza.track.club@gmail.com linkedin.com/in/paulaholbel



Assistant Manager

Directly reports to and works under the supervision of the GM.

Competition & Results

We compete in both AAU and USATF sanctioned meets locally as well as a variety of invitationals.


In Summer 2018, our focus will be on AAU Junior Olympics (JO) at the end of July through early August. This year it will be held in Des Moines, Iowa.

In Summer 2015, we went to AAU JO in Virginia Beach, VA. In Summer 2014, we went to AAU JO in Des Moines, IA. In Summer 2013, we went to AAU JO in Ypsilanti, MI. In Summer 2012, we went to USATF JO in Baltimore, MD. In Summer 2011, we went to AAU JO in New Orleans, LA.

In 2015 Waza Track Club saw amazing success.

  • At the AAU Indoor National Championship held in Ypsilanti, MI, 20 athletes from the club competed and earned 34 medals (1st through 8th place). Each athlete achieved a new personal record. 17 athletes became AAU Indoor All Americans in Track and Field. Two athletes were National Champions.
  • At the AAU Outdoor Junior Olympics National Championship in Norfolk, VA, 22 athletes represented the club. The club was extremely successful with two National Champions, two National Runners-up, one 6th place, one 8th place and a relay team that took 7th place. 7 Waza TC athletes earned AAU All-American honors for Outdoor Track.
  • At the AAU Junior Olympics Cross Country National Championship in Danville, AL, 7 athletes qualified and 3 athletes were able to represent the club. 1 athlete finished 6th and earned AAU Cross Country All-American honors. 2 of the athletes achieved PRs finishing in the top 50 in the nation.
  • We enter the 2016 Indoor Championship with 25 athletes registered for the meet March 5th and 6th and are anticipating an outstanding year.


I just finished reading your 'state of the union' track email (again). I do not like to interfere with valuable coaching time, to speak with you on training days when I see you, so I wanted to say that my wife and I (and Olivia) appreciate your effort, enthusiasm and everything you do. I coached youth athletics for over 15 years (in another life) and I know the challenges, frustrations and rewards. Olivia loves the challenge of training for the first time. She has been provided with an opportunity to see what her potential is and if she wants to make track 'her sport'. Thank you.

Mark M.
Mark M. 2016

The kids work hard, they support and respect each other, and they become all-around better athletes. The coaches run challenging workouts, but they also focus on teamwork, mental conditioning, and leadership training. They create an environment where kids get comfortable pushing themselves, and are motivated to do their very best. It's been great for our 8th-grade daughter. As her fitness has grown, so has her confidence. It's been amazing!

Sue & Alex Afsari
Sue & Alex Afsari 2016

When we joined WAZA 4 years ago we thought it would be good for Haley to run more during the summer. Little did we know that she would be learning life skills as part of the deal, she has really embraced the the whole WAZA experience and it has really elevated her confidence and she has set her goals high after high school. You have built an outstanding program. Thanks for all you do. Sometimes kids need the carrot and sometimes they need the stick.

John Rathwell
John Rathwell 2016

I wanted to take a moment to applaud your track program. My daughter came into your program as a strong runner, however she lacked a few key components to helping her excel, namely her strength and running strategy. Your coaching techniques were effective in helping her gain the needed strength and confidence to now help improve each and every workout. 'Tough but compassionate', is the phrase that comes to mind when I describe your program to other parents. Having a facility such as Trott's fitness center, I feel played a great role in the training. Yes, I admit I was skeptical when I heard they were practicing in a company's fitness center, but when I saw how well the team was able to utilize the steps, exercise balls and the fitness rooms, my skepticism completely subsided. More than anything, my daughter loves being part of WAZA. From coaches, to team mates, to practices and quizzes, she never once complained about going to practice. She recognizes how much stronger she became and is very proud to be on this team. We are both looking forward to joining you again this summer!

Kari Meyers
Kari Meyers 2016