Cross Country

Waza Track Club

2018 Schedule

Practice Schedule:

We are taking August off and will start cross country in mid-September.

Mondays & Thursdays 6-8 p.m. and Saturdays 9-11 a.m.  Dates to be announced.


September 2018
@ Cass Benton/Hines Park/Waterford Bend (6 Mile & Northville Roads)

  • Dates TBA

October 2018
@ Cass Benton/Hines Park/Waterford Bend (6 Mile & Northville Roads)

  • Dates TBA

November 2018
@ Cass Benton/Hines Park/Waterford Bend (6 Mile & Northville Roads)

  • Dates TBA

December 2018
@ Cass Benton/Hines Park/Waterford Bend (6 Mile & Northville Roads)

  • Dates TBA

Meet Schedule:



  • December 1, 2018 - AAU Cross Country National Championship - Victor Ashe Park - Knoxville, TN  (Registration deadline:  November 27, 2018)
2018 AAU Cross Country National Championship

Diet for Training and Competition

A note from Coach Doug

What we want is for our athletes to consume high quality calories and a balance of proteins and minerals so that they perform at a high level. We want to cut out the junk food, pop, and high sugar diets that are creating a generation of obese kids heading for a lifetime of dialysis.

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MHSAA Eligibility

Michigan High School Athletic Association eligibility rules for athletes state:1. After practicing with (including tryouts) or participating in an athletic contest or scrimmage as a member of a high school athletic team, students cannot participate in an athletic contest or scrimmage on non-school teams in the same sport during the school season.2. Ice hockey, bowling, cross country, golf, gymnastics, swimming & diving, track & field and wrestling shall apply the limited team membership rule from the point of a student's first participation in a contest or scrimmage, rather than practice.5. During the high school season in bowling, cross country, golf, gymnastics, alpine skiing, swimming & diving, tennis, track & field or wrestling, a member of the school team in that sport may participate in a maximum of two non-school meets or contests in that sport while not representing his or her school. An event held on not more than three consecutive calendar days is a single meet in terms of limited team membership.Feel free to share this information exactly as it is written with your school's coaching staff. MHSAA says nothing about conditioning. Contest = meet. Scrimmage = Informal game played between two units of the same team. Training = Conditioning/Practicing. The AAU meets don't start until AFTER High School State Finals therefore there is no conflict!While the above MHSAA rule is clear, it may be the school's policy to require athletes to refrain from club sports. We do not want to put any athlete's eligibility at risk. So again, consult your school.Please understand that Coach Doug does NOT want nor encourage athletes to do "two-a-days" (one practice with school then one practice with club in the same day). Additionally, to reiterate what Coach Doug stated, please see below:"Middle School and High School athletes: MHSAA rules indicate that you cannot compete with a club team while your school team is in season. The rule does not mention training. However, individual schools may have their own policies. All are welcome to train with Waza TC. If you are a M.S. or H.S. athlete and you wish to train with Waza TC, we recommend you discuss with your school coach to ensure that you are not violating an individual school policy."


A few notes on the season as we get into the fall...
  • It is getting colder and darker. We will train in any weather condition as long as it is safe. We won't run in lightening, large hail, or if the ground is covered in ice. We will pretty much go in anything else. Please ensure your athletes are dressed for the weather. Otherwise I end up giving up my stuff so they are more comfortable! Hats, gloves, perhaps even scarfs should be in the car in the event they are needed. This is not Coach Doug being a sadist...we must have the athletes prepared to compete in the AAU and USATF State Championship races mid November. In the past the ground has been snow covered. There was also a year where is was really warm. We don't want them preoccupied with the weather, but rather focused on competing.
  • As it gets darker at night we will adjust practice time. I will hold on to 6:00 p.m. as a start time as long as reasonably possible. There is a time change coming up which will force us to go to 5:00 p.m. at some point.
  • It takes 2 - 3 hours for food to digest. So, if your athlete is hungry after school and prior to practice, a light snack is all they should get after 3:45 p.m. or so. Dinner should be after practice. Otherwise we end up with belly aches at practice.