WAZA – VARDAR Partnership

Dear Soccer Players and Families,

It is with the greatest pleasure that Waza FC can now announce its partnership with Vardar.  As of the 2017/18 season tryouts, Waza FC and Vardar will partner to provide the highest levels of play and advancement opportunities for its soccer players.

Waza FC and Vardar will both continue unchanged, as we know them today. In the new season, Vardar and Waza FC are able to combine and share to field quality teams at all age groups and levels.  The clubs will benefit from a larger collective pool of talented players and increased locations from which they can play and all players will benefit from continued high quality technical training and the ability to train and play and be coached in advanced level teams.

The highest level of youth soccer in Michigan and the USA is played in the ECNL (Elite Club National League) and the Academies (USSDA – U.S. Soccer Development Academy).  The new partnership, will afford all Waza FC players the opportunity to be seen and recommended to the Vardar ECNL and Academy coaching staff.

Vardar and Waza FC teams will wear their own home club uniforms and will share a common second uniform. Each current team will retain its home club status and coaching staff. Any newly formed teams from a Waza FC tryout will be considered Waza FC teams.

In the future, Waza FC will expand into Ann Arbor under the direction of current Vardar and ODP Coach, Lucian Popescu and seek to grow in its current locations and beyond, to provide the highest pool of talented players to support the ECNL and Academy teams.

Together, the future is bright.


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