Developmental Academy – Fall ’19

August 23, 2019 // By Mark Bowyer

GK Training Academy

March 18, 2019 // By Mark Bowyer


Waza F.C. offers soccer for all ages with developmental and competitive programs from 3 years through adult! We have teams competing at every level of MYSL (Michigan Youth Soccer League), MSDSL (Michigan State Developmental Soccer League), MSPSP (Statewide Premier League), MRL (Midwest Regional League) Division 1, MRL Premier, National League and our own WAZA Pro team.

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Waza F.C. is proud to offer HIGHLY experienced soccer coaches that have played the game collegiately and professionally, and who coach in local High School, College and Olympic Development programs. Cross-training and player pass carding are encouraged to provide input from multiple coaches for optimal player and team growth!

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My daughter played with Waza from the time she attended Developmental through U17. Each year she loved to play for the Waza club and her Waza coaches. There was no way we could convince her to tryout anywhere else. Regardless of who her coach was, she always had a positive outlook for the team and the game. As she grew older, she came to know and play for some well-respected and admired coaches. She remains friends with them all to this day. The Waza staff and coaches treated my daughter and my family like their family and helped her to become a good teammate and us all to become multi-cultural world citizens. To this day, we still receive big smiles and warm loving hugs from the Staff, Coaches and Club Owners every time we see them. I bet you don’t . . . unless you are with Waza. The Waza Club may be small, but it has the biggest heart and family feeling of any club I know. Dominic, Mario . . . We love you !

Sonia Jones
Sonia Jones

My son Nick has been playing with his beloved WAZA family for over 6 years. We have been so blessed by the sweetest, kindest, and embracing coaches over those years. Some of these people are the best role models a mother could ask for (which is the reason I'm at soccer!)!! We LOVE the Waza way :-). It's not just a name to us... It's so much more. From the first summer camp with the drumming and dribbling to the logo... It is a statement. Now... The essence of WAZA will always be. It will always be a part of many families as no one can ever take that from anyone. WAZA is like a child to you. You birthed it and nourished it along the way. It's ok to grieve the loss of what was...for a bit. It is time on this part of the journey to embrace the role of the shaman: Non attachment Non judgement No expectations. Simply BE. See these unfolding events thru the eyes of the observer. Remember, no attachment to any thing, person or concept. We own nothing. Everything that happens in our lives is exactly what is needed. Everything! Our family is FOREVER grateful for the amazing soccer and life experience that WAZA gave us!!

Rose Navarre
Rose Navarre

Our boys started playing with Waza at ages 5 and 7 respectfully. Over the last 6 years, they have both become top players and have learned important techniques that set them apart on the field from other players. The Coaches have all been exceptional along with some having international backgrounds. With these international backgrounds, comes other aspects of the game that our children have learned. If you want your child to really learn soccer - Waza is the right place! The club has a family feeling that makes everyone feel at home. The Bruletti Family

Tracy Bruletti
Tracy Bruletti