Track Club

Welcome to Waza Track Club! Celebrating our 18th Anniversary!

We strive for first every second.

Here you will find all of the information you need about the track club, its practice times and its meets.

Thank you to:

  • Trott Financial Center for their support of Waza TC by allowing us to use their recreation facility for training purposes.
  • St. John Lutheran Church for their support of Waza TC by allowing us to use their activity center for training purposes
  • Spillane & Reynolds Orthodontics for their continued support of Waza TC by allowing us to use their property for fundraising activities.
  • Dynamic Compressor and OmniSource for their financial support to WAZA TC towards the acquisition of our high jump pit in 2019!
  • UWUA Local 223 for its financial contribution to Waza TC for JO Games expenses in 2018!

For more information about our track club, please contact one of the following:


Waza TC is a non profit focused on the development of our athletes. Everything we do is athlete focused. $’s are not a focus, but we must charge reasonable fees for the sake of the program so that we can continue to provide the best environment for our athletes. If we have athletes that are in financial need, we offer scholarships with the expectation that those that receive such scholarships will provide a fair level of effort to assist with club administrative and fundraising efforts. Every year we encounter a few that want to “negotiate” cost with the club. Our costs are fair and reasonable in relation to the costs charged by other club sports. We do not negotiate seasonal rates. If a particular athlete’s family is in financial need, explain that need and we will work it out. This includes free track club in exceptional situations.


Waza TC was founded in 2006 to provide Waza FC (Football Club) soccer players the opportunity to cross train and compete in track and field. We started with a few kids that were interested in cross training with soccer and now are a reasonably sized track club. Many athletes train with Waza TC to improve their speed, strength, endurance, agility and conditioning. Others train to compete in the AAU and USATF series of track meets. Our athletes range in age from 7 to 17 years old. We train regularly with between 30 – 40 athletes. The Club’s athletes have matured to become competitive at the local, state and national levels. Our athletes tear it up in their school programs!


Waza TC exists to develop, train, and inspire its athletes to do their best. We provide a place for athletes to grow, develop and compete where all are welcome and where all benefit from the program. We create a cross-training environment that benefits multiple types of athletes regardless of their preferred event or sport. We encourage athletes to balance sports, academics, and leadership so that when their high school careers come to an end, they have multiple opportunities. We create a track team that sincerely welcomes all, but also performs at an extraordinary level in national competitions. We share our love of track and field so that our athletes see the beauty of humankind’s First Sport.


All kids with an interest in Track and Field are welcome. Waza TC is not restricted to Waza FC soccer participants. The athletes training and competing with Waza TC are significantly faster, stronger, better conditioned, and more confident than when they started. We encourage you to check out our program. If your athlete is interested, you should attend a practice with our Club with your athlete prior to making a decision regarding membership so that we can both ensure there is a fit.


Cost for participation is $300 for indoor track, $300 for outdoor track and $200 for cross country for athletes. The cost includes a uniform, training equipment, facility fees, club membership, and club insurance. Meet fees (range between $5 and $45 per meet), shoes/spikes, and travel costs are the athletes to bear. In recent years, we raised money to offset lodging costs in out-of-state locations. Transportation is up to individual families. We hope to have a series of more substantial fundraisers to help future lodging and travel expenses along with offering financial aid for athletes wanting to join but may be struggling financially.