Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions that others have had over time about Waza FC and expectations for players. If you have a question that is not answered here then please contact our Club Manager Colleen Debolski.

General Questions

Player development is our main concern. Each level offers different stages of expectations. The focus is completely on individual skill development and ball mastery for all age groups U11 and below. Winning is not our main concern at these ages. Developing a love for the game, having fun, and creating well-rounded players are key components. U12 age groups and above become more competitive and eventually there must be a balance with development and success. With proper training, this is a natural course. Coaches are responsible for outlining and communicating a player development curriculum which will fully develop our youth players under the Waza FC coaching philosophy.

In addition to our regular team training, players will be able to take part in technical training or developmental training. Trainers of these group sessions will focus on the technical side of the game, incorporating as many touches as possible into the extra session. When does the season start and end? Waza FC is a year-round program. Tryouts will immediately follow the conclusion of the previous year. Training will begin in mid August, games in September and tournament before the season starts. The season can really be broken down into 4 phases: Summer Camps, Fall training & league play, Winter indoor training & indoor leagues, and Spring league play,

Outdoor practices are held at Bicentennial Park in Livonia. Indoor winter training is held at Total Soccer Farmington, The Livonia Athletic District, and Futsal training in Canton.

Teams will practice at least twice a week outdoor fall & spring. Winter indoor training will be held twice a week (1 futsal training & 1 indoor training) from November through March.

Our leagues are comprised of clubs throughout the local area. Travel will be dependent on which teams from these clubs are in your division. In some cases, travel will be minimal. In others, you may have 1 or more travel games involving extensive travel. Tournament travel varies by team. In most cases, teams in the U10 and below ages typically attend tournaments within 50 miles with the possibility of 1 tournament at greater distance. Older teams may choose to travel more extensively determined by competitive goals. Our top teams within the older age groups will travel as necessary to find the level of desired competition and showcase opportunities for next level play.

We believe in allowing our players, especially at the younger ages, to play multiple sports. Overall motor skills development, coordination and agility can be greatly affected by playing sports of differing demands. Coaches will have an understanding of these opportunities to build a more rounded athlete that ultimately benefit the player in the long run. Older teams will expect a higher level of commitment and it may become more difficult to participate in multiple sports.

All players are required to wear cleats and shin guards. Players will also need to bring the team soccer ball and water.

Yes, goal keepers have their own coach (Ben Davis) who offers keeper training all year.

Questions About Tryouts

We ask that each player attend both tryout dates for a complete evaluation and appropriate placement.

Make-up tryout dates are scheduled. Refer to the tryouts schedule for the Nationals location of your choice. If you have missed the make-up tryout dates, don't worry - it's not too late! Give us a call!

Coaches will make player selections for their team beginning the very first day of tryouts. Selections will continue throughout all tryouts sessions.

Once a coach notifies a player that they are selected to a team, the selected player and a parent/guardian will proceed to the "Player Contract" area at the tryouts facility. A player contract indicates the player's commitment to the team. It will be given to each player for signature by the player and the parent/guardian while on-site at tryouts.

At the time the contract is being signed, you will receive additional information about the next steps required for complete player registration with the league and the club.

This varies by team based on age and roster size.

For more specific information such as dates and location details please see the tryouts page. Waza FC tryouts information can also be found in the MSYSA Michigan Soccer Magazine Tryouts Guide.