Skill Specific Training (SST)

All players no matter how far or which path they are on along their journey need to focus training on specific areas of individual growth opportunities. Waza Skill Specific Training (SST) is designed to target key skill areas to help players learn and improve. This 6 week 1 hour long program is designed to progress the individual's skill in an accelerated environment.

You can register online ahead of time or onsite at the first class on Thursday September 15th. See the details below. For recommendations on a skill area of focus please discuss with your coach.

Choose from four key skill areas

  1. Strength Speed Agility Quickness (SSAQ)

    Training with an emphasis on elements of athleticism to promote safety and success as players grow. Participants will develop strength, body awareness, and fundamental moving skills.

  2. Finishing

    Finishing Comes down to the ability to score goals which encompasses shooting, heading, volleying, and creating chances in the final third. This class offers some great ways for players to improve their finishing and score more goals.

  3. Defending

    A class for learning defending tactics, techniques and attitudes. Students will gain clarity with regard to foot and hip positioning, slide tackling, aggressive/assertive play, and decision making.

  4. Goal Keeping

    Training aimed at developing key body movements and decision making to up your confidence and goal keeping skills.

Details (Fall 2022)


$120 - 6 weeks/classes
$25 - drop in

Training Sessions:

September 15th - October 20th


5:30 - 6:30PM

Training Day


What to Bring/Wear: 

  • Each player should wear athletic attire, such as shorts and a t-shirt or sweats on the really cold days.
  • Shin guards and cleats are highly encouraged.
  • Players should bring a soccer ball. Any size will do, but ideally a size 3 for ages 3-7, a size 4 for ages 8-11, or a size 5 ball for ages 12+.

Most Importantly:

Please bring plenty of water for your soccer player(s) to stay hydrated!


Livonia Athletic District - Indoor

14255 Stark Rd
Livonia, MI 48154